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We thoroughly vet the authorized bulk electricity buyers from your RTO who have agreed to our standard terms and conditions. You look at their offered prices, obtained at the same time in an often volatile market, and make a selection. From each supplier, offered prices and contract durations range from one to five years, providing all you need to make a fair and informed decision.

Unpublished Rates


We achieve pricing substantially lower than the rates published by the local utility companies and those published by the third party suppliers in fourteen deregulated states.

No Obligation Quotes


Our services are absolutely free to you. If you choose, at any time, to not proceed to a contract for supply of electricity, there is no forward obligation to NJ Power Pros.

100% Confidential


We do require you to provide your most recent electric bill to us. We anonymize your usage for all bidders to review in advance. We then require contemporaneous quotations from them. You select a supplier, price and contract duration, and tell us you will proceed to contract. We only then release your identification to prepare a contract for you and your supplier to sign. The losing bidders never know your identity.

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Commercial Energy Brokerage We Save You Money

We offer electricity brokerage services only to commercial, industrial, government, educational and institutional clients. We are professional in everything we do. We keep all your information confidential. Our suppliers know neither your business name nor contact information during the bidding process.

We only release your identity to the supplier you have selected and only when you are ready to sign a contract.



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Bernard Ennis, P.E.
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Director, National Accounts

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NJ Power Pros can quickly obtain, for your business, the lowest rates available for supply of electricity. Send us your latest utility bill and we will use our proprietary software to evaluate your usage and inform you of the best prices.

Free and timely service. No obligation to accept our rates. Confidentiality of your identity. All suppliers offering prices meet our high standards and uniform terms and conditions.